Sunday, January 29, 2012

What happened to the fabric - Pencil pouch

It's a long time that I want to blog about crafting. Although I named it "what happened to the fabric", I don't intend to write just about sewing, but that's what I like to do the most. I still don't have a sewing machine, but I plan to buy one and start to sew ( a lot! ).

In my first post, I like to write about the pencil pouch I made by hand. That made me appreciate sewing machine even more! When I was in middle school, my mom sew me a pencil pouch made of denim and instead of simple embroidery I did, she patched a plaid pink and white fabric. After a while I decided to use its fabric to make a pair of patch work shorts out of different kinds of jeans. So I ripped it off. Of course I never made the shorts and regretted it after a while.

I tried to make some thing like my old pencil pouch with the remaining of my jeans after I shortened them. When I showed it to my mom, she said she doesn't remember that she had made something like that before.